Currently Enrolling:

Family Experiences with Media Study

The Family Experiences with Media Study (FEM) is an interview study for parents of children aged 20-48 months where we discuss the digital media that parents and children use on a regular basis, and how parents feel about that technology. We want to hear parents' honest opinions about the design of the apps, games, and other digital media that their families use most often.

This study is currently enrolling new parents, please contact us if interested in participating in a Zoom interview!


Text or Call: 734-249-8155

Ongoing Studies and Projects:

Design Abuses in Children’s Apps

This project focuses on the techniques app designers use to lure consumers into in-app purchases, watching ads, and holding consumers' attention for as long as possible.

MICHR Pathway to Independence Award

Family Pandemic Experiences Study

This survey evaluated the experiences of over 300 families living throughout Michigan and raising 5-10 year olds during the winter of 2020. We are examining how contextual factors like remote schooling, material hardship, and child media use associate with wellbeing.

Funded by the Towsley-White Award through the Department of Pediatrics

Talk and Tech Study

The Talk and Tech Study aims to gather information regarding parent-child interactions and mobile device use. Data collection methods for this study include parent surveys and using continuous mobile device-based passive sensing of the parent’s mobile device use through a device tracking app coordinated with simultaneous audio-recording of parent-child interaction using Language Environment Analysis (LENA) technology.

NIH Grant ID 1K23HD092626

Preschooler Tablet Study

This research project aims to learn more about how preschool aged children use mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, throughout their day. Parents complete surveys and use app tracking software on their child's device to collect data on app usage (e.g., duration, frequency, apps used). This is a longitudinal study in which families participate at three different time points over the course of six months.

NIH Grant ID 1R21HD094051

Family Mealtime Observation Analysis

This project looks at the interactions between parents and children during mealtimes, specifically when mobile devices are present. Coders review videos of family mealtimes, (families recorded themselves at dinnertime), to code for affect, verbal exchanges, child bids, parent responses, and overall device use.